Kriegler was born in 1972 in Smithfield in the Free State in South Africa. After matriculating at Grey College Bloemfontein, I studied B Comm Accounting at the University of the Free State.

I am currently an independent consultant in Cape Town and paints and create part-time. I’ve had numerous solo exhibitions and have taken part in many group and invitational exhibitions over the past few years.

The emotions to create, energises me and serves as oil that anoints each piece of my art work.

My style has evolved over the years and can currently be described as a combination of cubistic impressionistic and abstract expressionistic.

The cubistic style, which is meant to be realistic, but with many views of a subject at one time, is inspiring. Piecing together fragments from different vantage points into one painting, symbolizes part of life. Everyone has a different view of life.

Lately I have started with something new, which I call “pointdrip”painting (as there is no name for this style yet).

It is a combination of drip painting and pointillism, where in most cases you can still see the subject in the background and the painting is then covered in “pointdrip”. It is like trying to look into the soul of the subject matter but your view (as in life) is disturbed by various influences, which in the paintings are represented by the “pointdrip” technique. Or maybe we don’t want to see the true soul?


My mediums of preference are oils and acrylics.

Voice your soul……

Listen… the silence that surrounds art, only then you will hear the voice…..

Do you see the dynamic relationships between colour, structure, forms, space and depth…..

Interactions…..associations……memories…..feelings…..experiences….. imaginary…….thoughts……exploration

This invisible presence that surrounds art is felt in the heart.

The eyes see, but the heart interprets and voice the soul.